Toa Optical Technologies, LTD.
Masaharu Hori
Head Office
1180, Komiyamachi, Hachioji-city, Tokyo 192-0031, Japan
(2 minutes walk from the south exit of Komiya Sta. on the JR Hachiko Line)
Phone: +81-42-644-1415 / FAX:+81-42-644-4547地図
April 1, 1960
Paid-in Capital
30 million yen (Authorized Capital 120 million yen)
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Mitaka Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Hachioji Branch

  • Optical Element

    Development, design and manufacture of optical components

    • ・Thin-film deposition (multilayer film, metal film)
    • ・Precision photography
    • ・Precision glass processing / lens prism molding
  • Optical Element Units

    Development and assembly of optical units

    • ・Shooting system, sensor system, scanner system
    • ・Finder
  • Optical Alignment System

    Design, development and manufacture of jigs and tools related to optical devices (Adjustment / alignment / assembly machine and automatic machine)

    • ・Fiber-aligner
    • ・XYZ θ adjustment jig
    • ・Assembly jigs and tools

Apr. 1960
Founded in Musashino City, Tokyo (manufacturing camera finder parts)
Apr. 1961
Established Toa Rikagaku Research Institute Co., Ltd. in Mitaka City, Tokyo (capital 500,000 yen)
Sep. 1963
Acquired a factory building in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo and relocated the head office
Nov. 1965
Increased capital to 2 million yen
Nov. 1969
Established a land acquisition factory in Hachioji, Tokyo, making it the main production factory
May  1971
Increased capital to 4 million yen
Aug. 1971
Land acquisition factory expanded next to Hachioji factory
Nov. 1977
Increased capital to 6 million yen
Nov. 1978
Increased capital to 8 million yen
Mar. 1979
Opened a unit assembly factory in Hino, Tokyo
Nov. 1979
Increased capital to 10 million yen
Dec. 1982
Hachioji Factory Reconstruction (Reinforcing Bar 3-story Factory / Office)
Dec. 1984
Acquired a factory building in Mitaka City, Tokyo and opened a unit assembly and parts processing factory
Oct. 1985
The Plaza Accord begins to shift export industries and production bases to Southeast Asia
Apr. 1988
Headquarters moved to Hachioji
May 1992
Hachioji factory extension (reinforcing bar two-story plastic lens molding factory / office)
Oct. 1996
Specializing in Hachioji Headquarters Factory as an optical system (lens system) technology center
Apr. 1999
Increased capital to 30 million yen
Oct. 1999
Started as a new technology center for the optical industry
Jan. 2004
Established lens molding factory in Nagano prefecture
Jan. 2008
Acquired environmental management system eco-stage certification
Apr. 2010
Published company history (held by the University of Tokyo and other university libraries and the National Diet Library)
May 2010
Quality management system, ISO9001 certification acquired
Mar. 2011
Opened Osaka office
Aug. 2012
Full-scale operation of Asakawa Factory (Hachioji / dicing mass production line)
Apr. 2013
Expansion of R & D clean room (head office)
Apr. 2013
Established a polishing factory
Oct. 2013
Expanded Tama Development Center
Mar. 2015
Environmental management system ・ ISO14001 certification acquired

  • HQ, Factory

    Head Office, Factory

    1180, Komiyamachi, Hachioji-city, Tokyo 192-0031, Japan
    Phone: +81-42-644-1415 / FAX:+81-42-644-4547
    New technology development
    Prototype development
  • 2nd Factory

    2nd Factory

    316-7 Komiyamachi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0031, Japan
    Optical unit assembly
    Precision cutting,
    jig and tool micromachining
  • West Japan Office

    6-5-3-311 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka 532-0011, Japan
    Phone:+81-6-4805-7177 FAX:+81-6-4805-7188
  • Asakawa Factory(Mass-production factory)

    4-8-3 Nakanokamicho, Hachioji-city, Tokyo 192-0041, Japan
    Phone: +81-42-622-3070 / FAX:+81-42-634-9040
  • Iruma factory (polishing factory)

    Araku, Oaza, Iruma-city, Saitama 358-0031, Japan
    Phone:+81-4-2936-2340 FAX:+81-4-2936-2317
  • Tama Development Center

    1-50-4 Kaidori, Tama-city, Tokyo 206-0012, Japan
    Phone:+81-42-357-9071 Fax:+81-42-311-5980