OC (Optical Components) Division

Optical Components

Development, design, production of optical components

Our optical components correspond to a wide range of ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) applications that extends the range of use, in addition to the visible range. It has been adopted in an array of applications, including the camera, sensors, LED and medical equipment.

We are capable of prototyping small lots for mass production at a low price. We also do polishing, vapor deposition, cutting, etching, etc.. Our vast knowledge and experience allows us to comply to any request with pleasure.

Typical products

IR cutting filter, bandpass filter, beam splitter, Mirror, lens, aspherical plastic lens, prism.

OCU (Optical Components Units) Division

Optical Components

Development and assembly of optical units.

Our optical units are utilized in fields ranging widely from industrial, medical, sensors to digital home electronics. We consistently offer from designing, development to manufacturing. We have the expertise gained from being the leading manufacturer of viewfinder unit; please contact us on any complex assembly needs you may have.

Typical Products

Imaging system, viewfinder, flash module sensor.

OAS (Optical Alignment System) Division

Optical Components

Design, development, production of optical device related tools(Automatic machine and machine alignment, adjustment, and assembly)

We provide design-development to manufacturing of assembly tools and equipments for adjustment and alignment of high precision devices consistently by integrating our technologies on mechatronics and latest optics.

Typical Products

Fiber alignment machine, adjusting tool of XYZθ, assembly tool.

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